Perhaps you have some questions about the finer points of how this works. Please read on, and don’t forget you can always reach out to us online or call 615-933-1777 for more information!

“How do I sell my house?”

Your options boil down into two: You can either list with a realtor or find a buyer to whom you sell directly. Both have pros and cons. Listing with a realtor will guide you through the process and paperwork, and allows you to tap into their network and get more exposure to the property. Realtors aren’t the best for everyone as the process can take much longer, and include doing repairs and updates to your home to make sure it sells. Then you must pay the realtor and hope the buyer doesn’t ask for too many concessions after the inspection!

You can also find a buyer yourself. It is certainly more work to promote a property yourself and takes an amount of knowledge to do so (albeit Google can certainly help with the latter). You certainly save yourself the money of paying a realtor, and you won’t have people parading through your house nearly as much doing showings. As you are reading this right now, you have already found a buyer! We’ll buy the property “AS IS”, and our process is so simple and easy you won’t believe it. Imagine being done with all of this in as little as 7 days!

“How do you determine what you can offer for my house?”

We value houses the same way as real estate appraisers and everyone else: Similar sold houses in the area. We also, of course, factor in condition of the property and any repairs needed in order to make our fair cash offer!

“What are you doing with the houses you buy? In other words, who are you?”

Skyline Home Solutions specializes in buying properties from homeowners who are in need of a solution to a problem. That is our first priority! We aim to help the seller first. Once we buy the house, we implement the best use of the house — whatever that may be!

“How are you different than a real estate agent?”

We are a house buyer. Real estate agents are often hired by buyers and sellers to find or sell properties, but our business operates outside of needing agents. We go directly to the seller for a simple, easy, and often quite fast transaction.

“What do I have to pay to work with you?”

There are no fees or commissions to sell to us. We simply make you an offer to buy, and if you accept, we close on the date of your choosing!